Driven from his solitary forest home, Cam must strive against the forces that hold the Backland in perpetual bondage. Seeking to survive, he is compelled to face the demons of the past only to find he is really fighting for a future. “Unremembered,” a novella, is the first installment in the Backland series. Discover the post-apocalyptic world where everything has changed except the truth. (Book #1)


Life in the Free Zone offers all that the Backland cannot: security, advanced technology and a guaranteed future. Still, Kyle begins to wonder if his reality is simply self-delusion. An old man who remembers the past, a brother gone AWOL and a mysterious incongruity in his research all drive Kyle to grapple with what it really means to be free—and what price he might pay to realize it. (Book #2)


Reaping Medium

Reluctantly finding himself thrust back into the turmoil and strife, Cam attempts to safely lead his friends away from the weaponized plague whose effects are sweeping menacingly across the Backland. But this proves to be only one facet of a much more complicated and sinister CENTGOV operation. In their flight, Slip’s past suddenly catches up to him as Cam stumbles across an old acquaintance from the Free Zone—a man who has no compunctions about doing whatever is necessary to complete his own mission.

Stuart hits the road with his children. Traveling is becoming increasingly difficult in the wake of the Big Event. With so little situational preparedness and a profound ignorance of how quickly society can fall to pieces, Stuart finds himself in a precarious situation indeed. But along the way a kind-hearted deputy sheriff with the skills and know-how Stuart lacks is willing to lend a helping hand. Perhaps, he will reach his destination after all…if the country doesn’t completely collapse in the meantime.

Reaping, Book #3 of the post-apocalyptic BACKLAND series, continues to explore the reality of crumbling civilizations and the totalitarian regimes that seek to triumph in their wake. (Book #3)


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