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If you’ve missed similar stories like this one over the last few years, you don’t yet know it is now against the rules to hug. I had friends in school that would have had to be tied up to have kept them from this common assertion of their feminine humanity. It was in their nature, simply part of who they were. There was nothing sexually suggestive about it. Hugging was these gals way of expressing themselves.

I also saw some public displays of affection go on in the hallways of my high school that made me blush (or would these days, anyhow). These acts were light years beyond a hug and are arguably inappropriate in any public setting. But this poor girl in question got suspended for only trying to cheer up a friend.

It is the hypocrisy that drives me crazy.

We live in a sex-saturated societyThe US is the top producer of pornographic DVDs and web material, producing in excess of 400 porn films every week. Pornography addiction is rampant. Even “regular” TV increasingly pushes the limits. Now with the internet and smartphones, younger and younger children are exposed to what used to be considered a strictly adult domain.  

Children and teens are bombarded with sexually-explicit material. Some are seeing porn as young as 2 years old and for many children viewing porn often becomes a routine practice by their pre-teen years. Even if parents manage to keep their children relatively protected from the internet, prime-time TV and advertisements bombard our society and teach both explicitly and implicitly that extramarital and illicit sex is normal and expected.

But now, schools suddenly begin to punish children for what…being sexually active? That in and of itself wouldn’t make sense considering what our children are exposed to on a daily basis. But more ludicrously, what they actually are being punished for is hugging. How can society unabashedly promote sexual promiscuity and experimentation and then suspend a girl for hugging her friend?  

It’s not only the hypocrisy and the absurdity that bothers me, but also the mixed-message that is sent in the process.

How does a developing mind process this obvious practice in doublethink? It doesn’t.

Children need clarity. The brain functions most proficiently when instructed according to innate principles of logic and equipped with classical reasoning skills. But when the “pornography is good but hugging is bad” pseudo-rational is peddled, healthy mental development is impaired. What is taught is that there is no reason to reason.

It’s tragic enough that multitudes of children are growing up addicted to pornography. Adding insult to injury, they are then told that innocent hugging is a punishable offence.

It’s a very similar scenario to the gun demonization going on in schools. Children grow up watching simulated violence and playing first-person shooter games. Then a boy happens to bite a pop-tart into the shape of a gun and is suspended from school.

When societies begin to promote decadence and simultaneously indoctrinate in doublethink, look-out. Populations are not primarily controlled by force. That is only the final step. Long before we get to that point, we are manipulated into mental submission and docility. And this mind-control occurs when two opposite messages are offered, destructively implying that both can somehow be correct.

Confusing? That’s the point.